The Freedom Home
Designed by Michael Graves and Associates, this home incorporates a linear floor plan that provides optimum maneuverability. Features such as adjustable height countertops, wide hallways, and low thresholds enhance accessibility. The unique design is punctuated by an octagonal family room.
The Wounded Warrior Home Project at Fort Belvoir brings together the Army, Clark Realty Capital, Michael Graves & Associates, IDEO, and numerous other partners to pursue a unified mission to drastically improve quality of life for the increasing number of Wounded Warriors returning to active duty at Fort Belvoir. In November 2011, our team unveiled two new single-family homes, radically redesigned to better meet the needs of these deserving soldiers' new "normal." We hope that this project functions as a model for new accessible homes nationwide and spurs a national dialogue about the importance of properly serving those who have served us.